Nina Mosley Art by Jessica Pridgen

(Pictured right, Self Portrait)

"A Renaissance Artist"

Award-winning freelance fine art, lifestyle & editorial artist, photographer & creative director in Raleigh, NC from Washington, D.C. 

The name, derives from the film Love Jones & my favorite fictional character, Nina Mosley. I've used the moniker for more than 10 years on social networking circles because I've always felt a connection to the character. Nina was a gifted black female photographer living in Chicago who was smart, well-rounded and creative. She was a renaissance woman that loved music, books, poetry, art and literature. 

I love working with new techniques & mediums. My favorite subject to shoot is fashion + style. I am an avid street style photographer. More than runways I love the art of street style + editorials. I love seeing how women & men wear articles of clothing, each piece really is like art to me. The shoes are my favorite. I am intrigued by the shapes & colors and how the camera captures each garment. 

My experience comes from shadowing & assisting some great photographers as well as years of education, working and volunteering in art galleries & museums. 

I am at my happiest when I am creating.

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